I rushed to the hospital yesterday and was there for almost five hours, but this time, it wasn’t for me…

This time it was Laurie’s turn. In the morning, we were both still groggy. She got up to get something from the kitchen, got all tangled up in her laptop’s computer cord and down she went.

By Christopher Green

I watched it like it was in slow motion.

She landed straight on her chin. I knew it was going to be a bad one. I knew it was going to be hospital time.  I helped her turn over and I got a paper towel real quick to stop the blood. But there was no way I could get her up and help her to the car.

Besides that, something clicked in my brain that any time there was a chance of a head injury you should call 911. So I punched in the numbers and the guys were here within 7 minutes. It pays to live close to the fire department.

The cats scattered as soon as Westlake’s finest burst through the front door fully equipped. They flipped her over onto a board, secured her on the gurney and off they went. Our house is crowded and made more so because of the yearlong remodel.

I had to make sure that none of our cats got out since the door was wide open for more than five minutes. When they were all accounted for, I grabbed the Kenyon Review by habit and off I went.

When I got to the hospital, I gave them all my information. I was wondering why they wanted my stuff and it occurred to me that the woman taking down the info must have automatically assumed that I was the breadwinner.

When she found out it was Laurie who held coverage, she rolled her eyes as if it was my fault and then had to start all over. I guess some people still automatically assume the man is always the main breadwinner.

Laurie was in there for more than 30 minutes before I was finished with all that rigmarole and they let me into the ER room.  She was still on the board the fire guys put her on back at the house but they had cleared up the cut on her chin.

So anyway, long story short, we were in ER area for more than three and a half hours. Laurie got seven stitches and I had a chance to finish reading this great essay in the new Kenyan Review about Ben Franklin and his way of looking at the private vs. the public man. I started it when I was waiting at Dr. Sharma’s on Thursday.

I keep these sorts of things in a pile that I have dubbed “stuff to read while waiting for doctors, tests or a hospital room”. It is a very big pile out of necessity. I go through it pretty quick, but I make sure there is always something there to grab when I have an appointment.

I was able to finish this essay without being rude because I was not allowed to go with Laurie into the room where they keep the CAT scan.

Over at St. John’s, the ER area is a huge room with little cubicles along all four walls. There was a big central pod area where all the nurses, technicians, and doctors hang out waiting for people to have emergencies, I guess.

Our doctor was named was a very affable and capable person named Melanie and insisted that we call her by her first name. See, Trapper John MD had at least some effect on how doctors view themselves.

Anyway, Laurie is fine. It could have been a real problem, but it turned out to be minor accident when you consider the big picture.

When we got back from the hospital, there was a UPS letter waiting for us. Seems they changed the date of my next tests over at the Cleveland Clinic. Moved it back another week until the 28th. I guess they had gone ahead and rescheduled my tests without checking to see if Dr. Budev was going to be there.

Turns out she isn’t. It got me to thinking if they can’t keep track of their doctors….

Seriously, I trust them; I guess I really trust them because they are going to be opening me up and installing some new parts sometime in the near or hopefully, in the not so near future.

Laurie slept for more than 11 hours last night and into today. She is fine, or almost fine. Back to her old self.

This whole adventure made me contemplate two very important things. First, my condition really hampers my save the day inner male thingy. If I were such a man who was defined by that hoary old macho mythos myth, well I guess I would be in a world of hurt via a shattered ego.

No problem here, ego remains intact.

Second, it is always good to have a cell phone close hand at all times.

You see, what if Laurie had been alone and she had fallen down and it was more of a problem, she would have had a tough time. It could have complicated stuff for her. We promised each other always to put the cell phone in a pocket, keep it some place near you so you can reach it in case of an emergency.

So, I guess I am pretty much helpless, given my delicate situation, to react in certain situation. It’s not really a bother because I can and will adapt. More important to the overall well-being is that I really do believe people in their 50’s and on up should have that cell phone handy and charged.

Because, after all, we never really know what is going to happen next, now do we.


6 Responses to I rushed to the hospital yesterday and was there for almost five hours, but this time, it wasn’t for me…

  1. Joe says:

    Sorry About Laurie,Glad She is okay, Hope she is well. You know what they say about it… the seven chin stich(es), happens when you least expect it….

  2. Terri esber says:

    Chris, you were not helpless. You immediately called 911 and saved the day.

  3. Debbie says:

    Hey Chris. Glad Laurie is ok. You are the hero who called 911 as any guy would have done. I am sure Laurie sees it that way too. Is she black and blue? Hope not. We have been there and done similar things several times. The ER staff here in Lakeland FL are ok – nothing spectacular but neither is Polk County! Tampa General is where I had my transplants done – much more qualified ER staff but they are in the next county and almost an hour away. Emergencies are not by choice. St John’s Westhore? My sister is the charge nurse in the ER there – nights.

  4. Liz Schulte says:

    Hi Chris. So sorry to hear of Laurie’s accident. Please give her my best wishes and hope she’s feeling better soon.

  5. ginny says:

    Laurie tangled with the computer and down she went….so sorry. I can imagine the scene. I bet she is going to have a cool scar. Nice to have something on a face besides wrinkles….oh, yeah, a smile is a good idea, too.

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