It took me an extra day…

By Christopher Green

But I was able to repeat the 15 minutes of stationary bike riding I talked about in my last post.

Because of the dripping humidity here in Cleveland, I waited until the evening. Still, I could feel the moisture with each breath I took. For me, as I gather with most other people with respiratory problems, humid air breeds congestion. When the air is saturated at levels over 70%, I get so congested that it hurts.

And yet, I could still make the fifteen minutes. It wasn’t as easy as Tuesday, but I was able to hit that mark again. Twice in one week. And my arms did not ache as they did not so long ago. 

My O2 levels were mired in the mid 80’s right after I got off the bike, 84 to be exact, but bounced back up quickly to 97, 98 with in less than two minutes. My pulse hit 129, which is high but still down from the 150 mark I was hitting while riding less than 10 minutes just one month ago.

I am guardedly content tonight.

On Sunday, I will ride again to see if I can hit that fifteen-minute moment again. If I can, I will try harder to lose the extra weight I have been packing on.

There is no excuse for me weighing 195 pounds. I need to get down to around 175-180. If I can continue to exercise on a regular basis, I know that I will be able to take off the pounds.

Again, if the pounds come off the breathing should get easier.

They told me at the Clinic that a BMI over 30 is no go for a transplant. I am now hovering around between 28 and 29. Not a lot of wiggle room.

After getting off the bike, I am slightly more confident than I was just one week ago. And yet, I also feel only slightly less sure of myself than I was after the good showing on Tuesday.

Time will tell whether I can kick the transplant down the road a bit.

All I can say is that now is the first time in over two years that I feel I can have some control over my destiny, that what will come is not completely beyond my control.


8 Responses to It took me an extra day…

  1. DUer says:

    I am so happy for you for being able to ride for 15 minutes! I wrote to you on DU and asked if you could somehow get a dehumidifier to remove the moisture out of the room you work out in. It sure would help and a lot of hospital supplies have them. It’s just a tip and I thought it might help.

    Every time you exercise it sure will help your oxygen levels. I wish you the very best and I hope your progress goes steadily up!

    All the best…

  2. Liz says:

    Great progress, Chris! I’m so happy you’re getting more confidence and feeling better. Give my best to Laurie, too.

  3. Larry Durstin says:

    In other words you are peddling your ass all over town.

  4. Shelley Hartnett says:

    Good cycling Chris!!

  5. Debbie Couture says:

    I also ride an exercise bike every day now. I have worked up to 15 minutes 5 days a week. I was thrilled when I reached that point!!! You can do it too – one day at a time. It took me 6 months – and my lungs are fine! I know you can achieve your goals. I am working towards adding yoga once I have healed enough from my most recent surgery. You have inspired me to try yoga again! Thanks for all your inspiration Chris!!!

  6. Jenny Zupancic says:

    I’m really happy for you! Hoping for your continued success and victory.

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