Today I had my first one-on-one Yoga class…

By Christopher Green

I have a wonderful friend, Ginny Walters, who has been trying to get me to come to her class for eons now. She has been telling me, and I kind of believed her, that the yoga would help me with my breathing issues.

Being that I am overly vane, I did not want to take a class with a mess of what I imagined would be hard bodied beautiful people who could actually breath without coughing.

That was really my major concern was the coughing and the ability to actually. Seriously, I never wanted to disrupt the class with my deep, hacking coughing.

I was also sure that I could never be able to do the Yoga simply because of the hip I shattered in a car accident back in 1991. I have the flexibility of a republican stuck on No!

Sure enough, Ginny showed up today and before I could get situated on the floor, I was coughing.

If it bothered Ginny, she never let on. She just kept Laurie and me on task.

Soon enough, I was relaxed enough and could breathe well enough that the rumblings down in the deepest reaches of my lung began to subside and then abate.

After the first five minutes of what is really an elongated stretching exercise, I found a calmness that literally wafted through all of my body.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I am not a touchy feely kind of guy. And normally, I would have found the Ohm that Ginny let loose would cause a snicker.

But this time, I found myself going along and falling deeper and deeper into a deep state of body and mind relaxation.

It’s still too early to determine if this will actually help me deal with all my health issues, but if all Yoga does is to just keeps me focused on something other than all my travails for a short time, it will be worth it.

I really want to thank Ginny for not giving up on me.

It took her prodding, suggestions and more prodding to get me down on the mat.

There is inner bliss.

You just have to look for it.


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