Changes to the Blog…

One of my closest friends in the whole wide world, Eric Hensal, has that knack of reading my mind and then speaking, or texting or Emailing, what exactly it was that I was thinking about. I have been toying with somehow adding a bit of zest to the old blog and voila! Eric sent me an email today with three suggestions about how I could make my blog a little more reader friendly.

I have to say, in my defense, that I was more interested in getting the damn thing out of my mind and launched into cyber space and paid scant attention to what the thing actually looked like. I was absolutely sure that the content would carry the day.

And then I started to read it like a person would when coming to the blog. 

All I can say is I am sorry. Sorry that I made it so difficult to navigate around and down and over until even the most curious person out there would surely get frustrated.

I have changed the appearance so that you do not have to scroll all the way down through the damn thing to find a segment you may have missed or want to find again. I have archived all the posts by month which can be accessed right there on the front page. That should make it a whole lot easier to navigate.

I also added a way for you to subscribe to the blog. Sorry no decoder rings but you will get an electronic nudge the minute I post a new segment on the blog.

Please tell me if you like the new look and feel free to add your thoughts about how I can make the blog even better. I plan to add some more pics when I feel they are necessary and I also want to introduce more links so that you can follow up on some of the stuff I mention in the blog.

Anyway, I still want to make this more of a literary experience instead of graphic one, but I fully understand how images and inserts can break up a large block of text and also add that little oomph that successful blogs seem to have. I like the template I have chosen since it is simple and uncluttered. If I can’t engage you with my story then all the bells and whistles available will not keep you coming back,

Again, this blog will be primarily devoted to what it is I am going through as a person facing a very extensive change in my life. However, on occasion I plan to introduce some of my earlier life experience into the mix. I may even get into my addiction to alcohol.

But I promise you this: I will continue to leave most of my political musings for other more appropriate venues. This does not mean I will not mention a law or a government program. I promise that it will always be directly related to the subject of that post.

Thank you for your support.

I hope you like the new look and it makes your trip to My Lung Transplant Years more enjoyable.


6 Responses to Changes to the Blog…

  1. kesha says:

    Chris I had no difficulties reading your blog. No apologies necessary

    Keep chronicling your journey. I’m lovin’ it.


  2. MIss P says:

    Chris, I think the graphics are great. They are good to look at, and they don’t clutter up your template.

    It’s all good.

  3. Sandy says:

    I thought it was fine too Chris. But I can see your point. Very thoughtful for other readers.

  4. Joyce says:

    It’s probably better to just get it out there and pretty it up as you go along. I’ve been contemplating a new entry into the blogosphere for a while now and haven’t been able to get myself started.

    The design is better now for people stumbling into your blog, though.

  5. Gary Jones says:

    Chris, great ongoing job on the blog. Well-written and insightful stuff that translates from the specific tribulations you are going through. I find that reading your blog is actually helpful to me in coping with other stuff in my life, as I think about what you are going through. But all else aside, what I wouldn’t give for another wild night at the Alger Street house with Laurie and Wendy, while you and I talked politics. I’m with you, my friend….

    Your Pal,


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