My Mother-in-law passed on…

 By Christopher Green

I have been having a very hard time concentrating for long enough to write what it is that I want to write about myself. No matter what subject I try to focus on, Betty’s passing keeps coming back. 

As it should. 

We are having the services this weekend. On Friday will have a small a graveside memorial. Then on Saturday, there will be a service and a reception at the church. For my Wife’s ever-expanding family, this may be the last time many of these folks gather in one place.  

Betty was the last of her generation. Over the years she tried to keep the ever-growing number of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of her four brothers somehow connected. 

But with time and space and new families literally settling all over the world, it became too much for her. Laurie set up a blog as a clearinghouse for the various families and it does keep the news flowing. But a grand gathering like we had back in 1990 is probably never going to happen again. 

Still, Betty’s family will come together this weekend to celebrate her life. A life lived well and honestly. People from all over the country are coming. I have to think it was because Betty reached out and touched people whenever she could. 

I am sure we will all have something to share about Betty. A lot will be old stories that we have all heard many times but will still smile just the same. We will laugh, we will cry and we will all reach out to comfort each other just as Betty would have done. 

Betty loved her family and her family loved her back. In the end, what more can we ask of life. 

She will be missed.


2 Responses to My Mother-in-law passed on…

  1. Joyce says:

    My sympathies to you and Laurie on the loss of Betty. And while it is a sad time, I hope that the resulting reunion will bring all of you the peace and comfort she would have wanted for you.

  2. Thank you so much Joyce, I hope everything is going well with you…

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