Taxes Keeping Me Busy…

By Christopher Green

This post has taken me much longer than I wanted it to. I still do tax returns and, as you all know, this is that time of year. This year, however, has been especially hard on me. I find that I can’t do more than a couple of hours of work each day. That means I was getting backed up.

In years passed, I was able to crank out 10-12 hour days by just tuning up the Oxegyen concentrator to 3 or 3.5 and I was good to go.

But ever since my hospital stay back in October and November, I have been operating with diminished stamina.

 So, I promise to get back to what is what by the end of the week. I still have about four tax returns to finish-up and about ten to copy and assemble for my clients.

Keep coming back. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.



One Response to Taxes Keeping Me Busy…

  1. MIss P says:

    It’s completely understandable, Chris. We will stand by until there are more installments. They are definitely worth waiting for.

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