Who I am and why I am doing this…

By Christopher Green

Today I begin, with all due respect to Harvey Pekar and his Our Cancer Year Graphic Novel, the chronicle of My Lung Transplant Years. Like Mr. Pekar, I will share all the good and the bad stuff. All the mind numbing mundane of waiting for tests, waiting for doctors and waiting for it all to be over will be put up here for all to see.

I am not going to pull any punches.

I say years because it will last for years, many I hope, because once that new organ is in, the battle lines between my new lungs and the rest of my original equipment will be waged every day, every hour, every second until the day I die.

You can guess which side I am on.

To that end, I will be gobbling dozens of different meds each day that will be like fresh troops rushed up to the front in WWI. And like WWI, the need for these troops will prove unsatiable.

With Mr. Pekar, the end was when they could find no more cancer. For me, and all the people who are transplant recipients plus those of us waiting to get new organs, it will only be over when we are over.

I promise you this: you will be getting the full range of stuff from the grim to elation, the setbacks and the joy of success. That success, for me, will be measured by how far I can walk around untethered to an Oxygen tank or unattached to an Oxygen condenser.

This is the start but it is not the beginning. I am not even sure how to work this thing so that I can add pics and what not. I’m going to go back to where I think it all started while I keep up on the day to day stuff, what is actually happening to me and how it affects those I love who are also signing up for this life altering “adventure” with me.

I want this all to just go away. I want it so that the disease that is eating away at my lungs has been treated. I wish with all my heart that I could be talking about something else, something a little more “peppy”. But they say write about what you know. And this is what I know, this Lung Transplant is a make or break deal. Either we celebrate at the end together or you are left with what I give on this blog.

Either way, I hope you can stick around or at least check in every now and then to see how it all unfolds.

BTW, your earlier post will be saved on the post page. I think. Just getting use to this.

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